Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

Businesses rely on technology every day to help them enhance existing systems and improve overall efficiency. Vehicle tracking can be incredibly useful for any business with a mobile workforce, including tradespeople, transportation companies, and courier and delivery services. The use of GPS technology and innovative software applications allows you to monitor the location of your workers and assets in real-time.

Here at QUADNET, we provide tracking solutions from our trusted partner Procon, a company involved in the design and engineering of GPS Locator Units and machine-to-machine (M2M) wireless data communication applications. The ability to receive and process data from remote locations allows you to view your mobile assets and access reports based on the data received. This software-as-a-service model provides a number of distinct advantages to businesses.

How Does Vehicle Tracking Work?

Modern vehicle tracking solutions utilise a combination of hardware and software technology to fine-tune business processes, improve workflows, and automate business reporting. The small locator unit from Procon is installed into the vehicle or other asset, with location data received in real-time from a GPS satellite. This data is then sent via a standard Telstra network, with the Procon platform delivering all relevant information to applications on your computer or mobile device.

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking

There are many advantages of vehicle tracking, including increased productivity, reduced labour costs, reduced fuel costs, and increased driver safety, to name but a few.

Increased Productivityu2014Vehicle tracking helps businesses to identify inefficiencies in their fleet, dispatch real-time management decisions, and improve staff training.

Reduced Labour Costsu2014GPS vehicle tracking systems allow you to monitor staff movements throughout the day, with accurate information making it easier to manage staff and reduce labour costs.

Reduced Fuel and Repair Costsu2014Vehicle tracking helps you to identify system inefficiencies, including poor route decisions, unnecessary vehicle idling, and bad time management. This will not just save you money on fuel, but also on vehicle repairs and labour costs.

Increased Driver Safetyu2014Vehicle tracking helps you to analyse driver performance and location data, which can have a positive impact on reducing accidents and improving safety. Alarms and text messages can be sent in the case of emergency.