Internet-connected phone systems are essential in the modern business environment. While traditional phone systems still have their place, smart solutions based on Internet Protocol (IP) technologies are becoming more ubiquitous . IP phone systems help businesses to increase productivity and improve cost efficiency, with a range of hardware and software solutions available on the Australian market.

Here at QUADNET, we offer Ericsson LG phone systems, powerful technology that uses Commander Smart SIP to transform your traditional telephone network into a modern IP service. This product uses clever technology known as SIP trunking to transform any standard phone line into an IP network without changing your handset. When deciding on a phone system, it’s critical to understand SIP trunking and the difference between Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

What Is VoIP?

VoIP refers to a group of protocol technologies that enable voice communications and multimedia sessions to be made over the internet. This technology is popular all over the world and includes both proprietary and open technologies. When people refer to an internet, digital, or broadband phone service, they are typically referring to VoIP technology. VoIP uses IP data rather than the analogue communications used in standard public switched telephone networks.

What Is SIP?

When shopping for a new phone system, you may also come across telephone devices that use the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). SIP is one of the many protocols that enable VoIP communications. This powerful signalling protocol has become a standard way for businesses to access voice, video, conference calls, and instant messaging services. Basically, SIP is an application layer protocol that is used to initiate, modify, and terminate IP communications such as VoIP.

What Is SIP trunking?

The technology used in our powerful Ericsson LG Phone System uses SIP trunking from Commander Smart SIP.u00a0This technology describes a virtual connection to the regular phone network over standard physical cables that may be shared with your existing internet connection. SIP Trunking uses a packet switched model that enables voice communications and multimedia applications such as video and conference calls.

Commander Smart SIP

The Smart SIP and Smart SIP Max services from Commander allow businesses to combine their voice and data traffic over a single internet connection. This has a number of cost and performance benefits, including reduced line rental and bandwidth costs, simplified network management and maintenance, and access to unlimited local and national calls. Smart SIP has no set-up fees and enough flexibility to grow with your business when more lines are needed.