Web Applications

Web Applications

Now more than ever, businesses rely on internet applications to help them improve productivity and communications. From sales and productivity tools through to accounting and analytics, web applications fulfill basic business tasks in a hosted cloud environment. Web applications can be either commercial products or custom solutions, with QUADNET developing specialised web applications to meet the demands of your business.

Many of the most popular web applications are free or based on a subscription model, with common examples including Microsoft Office 365, Excel, Google Analytics, BaseCamp, and Hubspot. While these tools can be incredibly valuable and easy to use, businesses often require tailored software solutions that are designed especially for them. Here at QUADNET, we take great pride in developing bespoke applications for modern business environments.

Advantages of Custom Web Applications

A standard web application from Microsoft or Google is similar to going to a chain store, with a custom application from QUADNET more like hiring a tailor in order to get a perfect fit. Custom web applications are both comprehensive and independent, with all functionality directly concerned with the utility of the user. Along with getting something that meets your requirements, custom web applications also provide better user interaction, easier updating, and more powerful management.

Bespoke Solutionu2014Customised web applications from QUADNET are designed to meet your specific needs and expectations. There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to technology, with our bespoke solutions designed with you in mind from the outset.

Better User Interactionu2014Tailored software solutions provide a better user interface and improved interaction. Why buy software with a lowest-common-denominator approach when you can get something that fits like a glove.

Faster and Easier Updatingu2014Customised web applications are much faster to update, with repetitive management tasks automated and a tighter feedback loop between software developers and clients.

Powerful Management Featuresu2014Web applications have proven to save businesses time and money, with no need to outsource critical tasks and data storage and communications all handled by a third-party. When this process is customised, management features can be built into the application.