Cloud-Based Business Phone Systems

A cloud-based or hosted phone system is a virtual phone system, that utilises the voice over internet protocol (VoIP), session initiation protocol (SIP) and other solutions. This powerful high-speed technology is NBN ready and available from QUADNET. Hosted phone systems offer several advantages over traditional on-premises systems, including voice and data integration, powerful personalisation features, mobile access, and a greater degree of flexibility.

Traditional Business
Phone Systems

Traditional on-premises phone systems use private automatic branch exchange (PABX) technology to connect voice and data services. While these systems are not hosted in the cloud, businesses can still transfer high-speed digital data and VoIP services when they have the right equipment. Here at QUADNET, we offer the Ericsson-LG iPECS IP communication system and other robust modular solutions.

Benefits of a Business Phone System

Whether you are looking for a hosted solution or a modular on-premises system, QUADNET, offer a range of traditional and cloud-based solutions to meet your business needs. Efficient and reliable communications are essential to all Australian businesses, with modern technology allowing you to lower call costs, boost productivity, increase mobility, and enhance competitiveness.