Managed IT

  • Information technology systems are the backbone of most modern businesses. From document editing and publishing through to anti-virus protection and accounting applications, the right IT solutions can improve your security and optimise your business performance.
  • QUADNET has managed multiple clients and their IT needs with respect to LInux(RHEL, Ubuntu and Oracle linux) or Windows(server or PC)
  • Here at QUADNET, we provide access to managed IT services and industry-leading software solutions, including Microsoft Office 365, Acronis Cloud Backups, Trend Micro Antivirus.
  • QUADNET has helped multitude of businesses migrate from legacy on premises hardware to state of the art modern cloud computing providers like AWS, Azure and GCP
  • If site visit is required for further testing and if you don’t have an IT person at your work place, we are happy to assist you again at an additional cost.​
What is Managed IT?

A managed IT service involves outsourcing certain business processes and functions in order to improve business efficiency and productivity. Here at QUADNET, our managed IT services help businesses to access the best technology at the lowest price. Why waste time and money purchasing and learning a complex software suite when you can leave it to the experts.

Our subscription-based model helps businesses to access the latest technology without wasting valuable resources. Whether you need product support and maintenance, systems management, data backup and recovery, or help with payroll systems, we have the tools and expertise required to streamline your business practices. Managed IT services are becoming more popular all the time, as businesses around the world learn how to outsource essential business functions to trusted experts.

Industry Leading Software Services

We provide access to industry-leading software solutions, including Microsoft Office 365 and Trend Micro Antivirus. Office 365 is a line of subscription software services offered by Microsoft, including their popular Outlook service, a range of hosted business services, and various collaboration tools. Office 365 makes it easier than ever before for businesses to manage their communications and documentation in one easy-to-use software suite.

Along with productivity, modern businesses depend on robust security solutions that protect their data and intellectual property. QUADNET provides access to Trend Micro Antivirus, an industry-leading anti-virus application that provides security for servers, cloud environments, and small to medium-sized enterprise businesses. If you need help with any kind of IT service or application, QUADNET is ready and willing to lend a helping hand.